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Love impends. Whether the love of a loved one, relative, good friend and even an actually reliable taco, there are a lot of kinds of love to commemorate. 

With that in mind, we’re seizing the day to declare our love of all points information. Yes, you review that right: information!

Read on learn through several of the factors we like information as well as why information is such as fundamental part of the job that brand names do daily.

#1: Data is a crucial part of advertising and marketing

“Data, along with people, processes and technology, is a fundamental component of Modern Marketing! You cannot do great marketing without good, clean, relevant, connected, accessible and timely data. We love data, and we get our clients to love their data.”

Darren Rankine, Partner of Martech, Transparent Partners 

“You cannot do great marketing without good, clean, relevant, connected, accessible and timely data.”

“Every day, marketing leaders need to make such a wide range of decisions. Everything from which channels should get their budget, to how to optimize campaigns for performance, to which message is most resonant with a particular audience, and so so many things in between. Everyone has an opinion, but data wins the argument every-single-time. Data has not only turned marketing into this beautiful blend of art and science, but it helps marketing teams take the lead on driving revenue generation for their organizations.”

Natalia Dykyj, CMO, MessageGears

#2: Data aids address issues

“We enjoy solving data problems with these new cloud platforms. We saw a company get a resolved customer identity while keeping the data within the four walls of their organization.”

Jared Hillam, Truelty

Large amounts of data allow us to find patterns in what people say and how they say it.”

“I work in Natural Language Processing and love using data to identify trends. We can find patterns in what people say and how they say it, which in turn allows marketers to identify specific words, phrases, or even emojis that resonate with customers. Digging into this data is a great way to turbo-charge marketing content, whether that’s email subject lines, push notifications, or a simple SMS, as it often brings up surprising results. For instance, many marketers believe that long email subject lines don’t perform well, or that it’s not worth using emojis, but the data often shows otherwise. The patterns we find in this data can then be applied across more content, ensuring it performs better and better over time.”

Trevor Beers, Senior Data Scientist, Phrasee

#3: Data results in imagination

“I love data because it allows me to be creative. There’s so much that you can do with data, from creating data in different ways, analyzing it with new approaches, telling stories to others with data, playing with new data tech… The list really does go on and on. Sometimes people think working in tech or data isn’t a creative venture, but I really think working everyday with data gives me creative freedom I’ve never had in any other field I’ve worked in.”

Jordan Peck, Snowplow, Principal Data Strategist

When you bring [data] to life to craft a story or relevant experience, that is where the true magic lies.”

“Everything begins with information. I like information due to the fact that it can be the beginning factor for anything. It’s a means to develop company as well as can also supply hints to map the very best course ahead. In coming close to any kind of brand-new undertaking, I locate myself asking initially – what do I understand? We’re continuously collecting information, whether we understand it or otherwise as well as utilizing it to discover, verify as well as or develop concepts – accumulating items of information, arranging it as well as purposely or unconsciously acting based upon it.

Data is understanding. And it doesn’t exist (at its core), though it can be translated in various means. It can assist inform tales as well as disclose understandings. It can test our presumptions as well as assist us see points in a brand-new light.

For our clients, customization is absolutely nothing without information. Though the trick to opening it’s complete capacity is not simply in having information or collecting it. The power depends on having the ability to trigger it. To change it. The Movable Ink system instantly changes information to create one of the most interesting imaginative web content for every private throughout touch factors. Brands that harness its power are awarded with client commitment as well as development.

In this way, there is charm in information. When you bring it to life to craft a tale or appropriate experience, that is where real magic lies.”

Monica Mahale, Director, Product Marketing, Movable Ink

What’s your factor for caring information?

So what concerning you? Do you share our love of information? 

Whether you’ve aided your brand name take control of its information program or utilized information to perform on a vital project, we understand a lot of of our clients as well as companions have actually done fantastic points with information.

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