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Affiliate Marketing Tips – Stop Quitting

I’m often asked for affiliate marketing tips. I don’t mind, really. It’s been a way of life for me for more than 20 years and I’m happy to share what I’ve learned. I am surprised, however, at how many people need to learn the most lucrative of all affiliate marketing tips – Stop Quitting.

Affiliate marketing is being used effectively across a wide variety of industries. There are companies with a very narrow focus in terms of their market. There are companies with a massive array of markets available such as Amazon or Walmart.

I see a lot of people that are trying to find the “right” industry or the “perfect” niche.

I see people being wildly successful in travel, food groups, books, digital services, graphic design, etc… and the most successful of them have at least one common characteristic: They just refuse to quit.

There are countless guides, pdf’s, reports, webinars, etc… that promise to show you the “Right” offers to sell. Within any industry you look at, you will see those who are “crushing it” and those who are being crushed.  The industry is the same. The opportunity is the same. The tools are the same. So why is one group doing so well while another group seems to struggle?

You can read all the affiliate marketing tips you can find.

You can download countless affiliate marketing tips reports and pdf’s.

You can watch affiliate marketing tips on webinars and in live conferences.

But if you don’t actually do the work and stick with it long enough to get the results, you are going to be in that category of folks who claim “it doesn’t work”.

Here at TrafficWave, we see the same thing happen. We see folks who sign up, never apply the training, don’t see results, and they quit. We also see those who register and then start reviewing the training … actually apply the training … and start generating results. As they improve, they scale up their efforts, and ramp up their success.

They all have the same level of access to the same information. Some apply the information. Some simply don’t put in the work. The results are always a direct reflection of how consistently the steps are applied.

There is not a successful affiliate who hasn’t thought of quitting. Things can move slower than we like. We can have setbacks. We can get frustrated.

The ones that win are simple those who stick with the plan, keep learning, and keep doing the work.

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