A Look Back at Email Marketing in 2022: The Year in Email – Litmus

Did you recognize that generally, 1.5 billion e-mail opens up were videotaped for each and every month this year? That’s 490 million even more e-mail opens up than in 2015’s standard (of 1.01 billion e-mails opens up monthly).

With such a high quantity of e-mail opens up, it obtained us thinking of the year in e-mail advertising as we conclude 2022. How did e-mail advertising adjustment over the previous year—and also what triggered those adjustments?

Join us as we have a look back at 2022’s largest e-mail advertising headings and also exactly how they transformed the future of e-mail advertising.

(Stay tuned following month as we start our regular monthly blog site collection concerning the most recent occurring worldwide of e-mail.)

TLDR:  information violations, a large year for BIMI, and also a great deal of updates from Google.


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