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Did you know you can buy leads from We offer the opportunity to purchase Co-Registration leads.

Co-Registration is a “Pay Per Lead” service that helps you rapidly build opt-in lists for your offers. Buy leads from and accelerate the growth of your business today!

What You Get:

  • Unique Highly Targeted Leads. (They are requesting YOUR offer).
  • Automatic Subscription to your AutoResponder. (No Confirmation Required).
  • No need to worry about spam complaints. (We know EXACTLY where these leads come from).

Just Look At These Powerful Benefits:

1. No Confirmation Required!
When you buy leads from, we already know where the leads come from. This allows us to bypass the confirmation request. Once a lead is generated through our unique Co-Registration process, it is automatically added to your AutoResonder account!

2. No Spam Worries!
We are providing these leads to you. We know EXACTLY where they came from. This allows you to market safely to these lead without fear of spam issues.

3. No More “Bulk” Lead Scams
If you have ever tried to import bulk leads that were purchased from some “broker”, you know the sort of trouble that can cause. The sad reality is that these lists are mostly worthless junk that has been harvested and recycled. You know those purchased leads didn’t actually request anything from you. This is why purchased leads cause so much trouble. They aren’t really leads! They’re just junk emails that either don’t exist or usually complain about spam. When you purchase Co-Registration leads from, you get real leads from real humans that are requesting your information! Real leads are hundreds of times more effective!

4. High Quality Leads
Quality is critical to the success of your business and to ours. We know that quality leads and service are the only way we can continue to generate repeat business from happy customers. If you have ever purchased leads before, you know that the majority of them use questionable tactics such as constantly reselling junk leads to boose their own profits.

These leads are not “incentivized” in any way. They are only added to your AutoResponder account after they personally request more information on your offer. When you buy leads from TrafficWave, you will know you have people who are specifically interested in learning more about your offer.

“How Fast Will My List Of Subscribers Grow?”
The amount of time for your campaign to be completed will vary widely based on a number of factors including the demand for your particular offer and how well your ad copy appeals to the people that see the offer. Some campaigns may be filled very quickly while others can take more time. There is no secret that it may take a while for your campaign to be filled but these are High Quality Leads and are well worth the wait.

“Will These Leads Place Orders?”
We have no way of knowing what action any lead will take once they have subscribed to your AutoResponder. They may decide to purchase from you. They may just read your information and then decide to unsubscribe. Your offer and your message copy will be the biggest influence in what action your lead will take.

“How Much Do These Co-Registration Leads Cost?”
These High Quality Leads are priced very reasonably for as little as $0.35 (thirty-five cents) per subscriber, depending on the quantity of leads you purchase. If you research other co-reg lead offers and factor in the true value of a high quality targeted lead, you will find this to be a tremendous bargain!

“How Do I Place My Order?”
Start by logging in to your Back Office. Mouse-Over the AutoResponder Campaign you want to buy leads for. Click “Profile Settings”. Click “Co-Registration Program” for full details and to place your order.

How Email Marketing Can Help You Build Your Business

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