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For some companies, there are occasions when an unsubscribe link is not required in their email communications and that’s when they send a service message.

A service message is a factual message that impacts the recipient of your email. It MUST NOT contain any information that could be interpreted as marketing material.

The below email from Waitrose is a good example of a clear service message:

This service message from Santander uses personalisation to confirm who the email is intended for, by stating the full name and the last four digits of the account:

Points to remember
when creating a service message:

  • Include personalisation to show who the intended recipient is and to verify you have their details already stored in your database
  • State the email is a service message
  • Keep the text clear and to the point – companies brand their service emails differently so their recipients can differentiate between marketing and service messages instantly
  • Include a link to your privacy policy

We are aware that many email service providers force you to include an unsubscribe link, as this is a legal requirement for all other email campaigns. However, at Campaignmaster we work with many regulatory bodies and firms that provide essential information, so they need to exclude this link and CMAdvantage provides this flexibility.

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