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Two years after the start of the COVID-19 epidemic, and an almost global lockdown, things are looking a little different for the South African Consumer. So, shouldn’t promotional events like Black Friday be too? If that’s the case, then how do we, as email marketers adapt?

We all want to know the secret to getting the message right, but the truth is that it isn’t a secret at all. We are all consumers ourselves, in some ways even more than we are marketers. So, the trick is to remember to position your message in the way you want to be communicated to.

If I’m thinking about myself, for example, 2022 has been a real crunch financially! I am far less likely to be swayed by very small discounts and/or gimmicks that are sometimes not even unique to Black Friday. As a consumer, I am savvy, I know the brands I love. I am more likely to trust brands that aren’t trying to force a lukewarm special just to be in on the Black Friday craze.

Do not panic, I am not saying we shouldn’t market at all, I am just saying we are all human here, lets make our email marketing and messaging feel human too. Being authentic and intentional in 2022 is a lot more powerful than being relevant for a short period of time.

To summarise, if you’re going to run special promotions for Black Friday, plan them in advance, curate your messaging to be authentic, and lastly, if you have discounts, make them knock-my-socks off.


Blog written by Nastasya Koumaras


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