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Braze recently announced Braze Canvas Flow, a next generation journey orchestration tool that is designed to allow brands of any size to quickly build sophisticated customer experiences across their channel mix. Canvas Flow is an enhancement to Canvas, Braze’s proprietary, no-code visual development tool, and includes three new features — an updated and intuitive user interface, advanced real-time orchestration and personalization features, and enhanced experimentation and versioning capabilities.

“We believe the state-of-the-art for creating meaningful experiences has evolved. Braze Canvas Flow empowers marketers to create more creative customer journeys with a simple, easy-to-use tool,” said Kevin Wang, SVP Product at Braze. “Canvas Flow helps brands get started faster, and build sophistication while expanding to a cross-channel strategy—allowing them to deliver the cohesive and personalized experiences that customers have come to expect.”

As customers continue adopting more digital channels, brands need to ensure their engagement strategy is consistent across touchpoints. Braze Canvas Flow unites owned and paid channels in the context of a dynamic customer journey. Marketers can use cross-channel interaction, behavior, and preference data to meet customers with relevance wherever they are—email, SMS, mobile, web channels, or paid social.

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