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ANA Email Experience Council Releases Email Marketing Best Practices

The email compliance area is ever growing, changing, and impactful as we continue to witness an evolution in the development of privacy and data protection regulations around the world. For the email marketer, it’s no longer a completely domestic effort, but rather it’s about the impact of your message on a global scale. How you communicate and engage with your stakeholders via email whether at the local, U.S.-based, or global level means more reviews of best practices.

Let’s admit it, this is hard. Do you find yourself struggling with developing a comprehensive email marketing strategy while balancing the myriad of global legal and regulatory requirements that you need to review and meet before engaging in any email marketing campaign using personal data? To help you, we took a high-level look at these requirements and boiled them down to a 10-step guided-compliance checklist to assist as you implement new campaigns as well as auditing your existing campaigns.

The ANA EEC is pleased to announce the release of these email marketing best practices as educational guidance to assist you with your compliance efforts. It’s one more resource for your compliance toolbox and highlights key practices you need to be aware of. For example, we cover the various elements that you need to consider for notice and choice as well as providing specific recommendations like including a country field in your email capture forms since compliance requirements can differ by country. You may wish to even employ state/province fields on your forms to help track compliance needs.

We want to thank the EEC Practices and Standards Subcommittee’s Global Privacy Compliance Task Force for their expertise and efforts in creating this guidance:

  • Corrina Cohen, NBC Sports Universal
  • Dennis Dayman, Maropost
  • Brad Gurley, MessageGears
  • Justin Khoo, Proofjump
  • Richelo Killian, InboxJam
  • Keith Kouzmanoff, Inter7.com
  • April Mullen, SparkPost
  • Julie Turner, ClickDimensions
  • Udeme Ukutt, LinkedIn
  • Matthew Vernhout, Netcore Cloud

Please be sure to always consult with your legal counsel as you implement your global email marketing campaigns. This valuable resource is meant to provide a framework and educational guidance on compliance and best practices considerations for email and subscriber data and should not be considered a replacement for sound legal advice. We hope you find it useful as you face these new challenges for email compliance.

Updated: We’ve released several new country-specific guides to assist in your compliance efforts:

Lisa Brown Shosteck | Director, ANA Email Experience Council
Derek Harding | Chair of EEC Practices and Standards Subcommittee | CTO, Trendline Interactive
Liz Ciccolo | Vice-Chair of EEC Practices and Standards Subcommittee | Email Manager, NFPA



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