Why an omnichannel customer engagement hub is key

In short, the goal of the optimal customer engagement model is to collect data and events to create a loop of intelligence in personalising the ideal customer experience across the available channels.

The power of the omnichannel customer engagement hub

Investing  in understanding and building an omnichannel customer engagement hub is vital because it can go a long way to solving the majority of customer engagement issues faced by organisations.

Organisations that understand what an engagement hub might look like for them and build a strategy on how it can be achieved, can start working towards achieving the experience that their customers have come to expect.

Organisations failing to make this their number one strategic and technical priority in a post-COVID world however, can expect to lose customers, as well as experience a reduction in customer spend and an increase in the cost to serve.

In contrast, iteratively improving their technology and capabilities in this space has been shown to reward early-adopting organisations with longer term retention of customers, an increase in customer life-time value and a growing customer base.

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