3 quick wins for holiday marketing | WhatCounts- Digital Marketing and Engagement Platform

#1 Audit your automated campaigns

If you have automated campaigns, like abandon cart or post purchase, that have been running for a while, it’s probably time to take a look and see if they could use some sprucing up for the holidays. Since these campaigns are automated, they are often forgotten about from a QA standpoint.

Take the time now to ensure that all your automated campaigns are up to date. Does the timing need to change due to the holidays? Do all of the images still render and do they make sense, or should they be swapped out for something more seasonal? If there is an offer in the email, is that offer still valid? It’s important to pay attention to this during the holiday season since you may be offering even deeper discounts on your website for short periods of time.

If you do make changes to your automated campaigns for the holidays, be sure to also check back in on them after the holidays and make any needed adjustments.

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